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Our Products Are Custom-Tailored For You

Metro Door has the security grille especially for your business! We carefully customize each grille to meet your exact requirements - for any application. All of our sliding and rolling grilles are lightweight, strong, tamper proof, easy-to-use, and designed, built and installed to comply with state and local regulations. Our design and manufacturing teams consider every component of creating your ideal security grille - from location, architectural parameters and construction timetables, to budgets, usage, and safety. Metro sliding security grilles are an ideal solution to government regulations and theft protection codes that now require security grilles "behind all accessible doors and windows."

Metro Door Rolling Grille


Metro Rolling Security Grilles are chosen to safeguard exterior and interior openings in just about every type of store - in virtually every major American mall.


They can also be found in pharmacies, airports, banks, stadiums and other public access areas, where our grilles' distinctive combination of strength and open visibility is preferred by security personnel.

Metro Door Rolling Shutter


Metro Rolling Shutters protect your storefronts, retail service counters, pharmacies, kiosks or concession areas against break-ins, theft and vandalism.  The product is simple to install to existing structure or window mullions.  Once installed, the product does not impact the look of your business and is easily concealed during business hours.  It is a proven cost effective way to add security to existing or new store fronts. 

Metro Door Side-Folding Grille


Metro Sliding Security Grilles provide uncompromising security against break-ins, theft and vandalism. Our grilles protect stores, pharmacies, airports, banks, stadiums, schools, corridors and public access areas throughout America.

Metro Door Rolling Steel Door


For more than 15 years, Metro Door has been a preferred supplier of rolling door products. We offer a wide variety of door types and slat configurations, complete application and technical support, custom manufacturing capabilities, and exceptional product performance and reliability.

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